redevelopment & Growth Management Policy

Plano will protect and preserve the well-established built environment of Plano and prevent overcrowding by requiring new growth and redevelopment to respect the unique development patterns, suburban character, housing needs, infrastructure capacity considerations, and fiscal constraints of our community.

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Review zoning change requests for consistency with the Future Land Use Map and Dashboards. Requests that do not conform to the mix of uses, density, and building heights as described in the Dashboards are disfavored. Occasionally allow proposals that do not strictly conform to these criteria, yet are found consistent with the Guiding Principles of the Comprehensive Plan and substantially beneficial to the immediate neighbors, surrounding community, and general public interest, to be approved with a vote by City Council. Such approval would be carefully deliberated and  justified by findings, after gathering and considering substantial community input.
Recurring and On Track
Develop and implement a formalized community forum process during which rezoning petitioners adjacent to established neighborhoods engage with interested citizens as part of the rezoning process.
Develop zoning and design guidelines incentivizing single-family housing options compatible with current market conditions and community needs.
Revise regulations and administrative procedures to ensure new residential and mixed-use development provides sufficient public open space, green space, and pedestrian connectivity.
In Progress
Ensure that any rezoning requests for multiuse development include:
  1. No more than 50% square footage for residential uses.  Requests should also conform with other identifying elements (density, building height, etc.) in the applicable Dashboard descriptions.  Requests that do not conform with these requirements must be justified by findings; and
  2. Phasing requirements that prevent the disproportionate completion of residential uses prior to nonresidential uses within the development.  Nonresidential square footage must constitute a minimum of 33% of all square footage approved for occupancy during development (e.g., every 2 square feet of residential development requires at least 1 square foot of nonresidential development); and
  3. Key design features provided prior to or concurrent with the construction of any residential uses. These include elements of the development supporting the long-term value to the overall community, and specifically any new residents, such as open/green space, amenities, street enhancements, and trails.
Recurring and On Track
Consider conducting an annual market study to determine demand-based housing and employment needs for Plano, referenced to Collin County, that may be used to inform zoning and land use related decisions. The study should include residents’ preferences for development as part of the results.
Review the Comprehensive Plan every two years to determine if routine updates are warranted to ensure consistency with citywide goals and respond to development trends and changing conditions. When major changes are deemed necessary, consider creating a citizen committee, working collaboratively with the Planning & Zoning Commission, to ensure the community has opportunities to actively participate in the recommended updates.
Recurring and On Track
Limit new residential development to areas that are appropriate based on individual site considerations and consistency with the Future Land Use Map and Dashboards. Multifamily developments should also meet a housing diversification or economic development need of the city, including transit-oriented development, special housing needs (as defined by the city’s Consolidated Plan), or be constructed as part of a high-rise 10 stories or greater.
Recurring and On Track
Limit small-scale multifamily to developments that are at least 10 acres in size, have a unit mix of no more than 25% multifamily units, and are controlled by a governance association.
Recurring and On Track

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