The Urban Activity Centers future land use category applies to areas designated for significant development or redevelopment with high intensity mixed-use activity centers attracting large corporations, specialty shopping, dining, and entertainment, and high density residential development. These areas are typically a minimum of 100 acres and include mid- to high-rise buildings with a compact block structure, and human-scale street and building design, which create a highly walkable urban form.  

Complete Neighborhoods

Uses should be highly integrated, creating self-contained neighborhoods with a variety of housing types, convenient access to jobs, active open spaces, bicycle and pedestrian connections, cultural activities, and supporting services.  Parking structures should be provided to reduce surface parking and encourage efficient use of land.  Where possible, these areas should incorporate principles of Transit-Oriented Development to accommodate future transit connections.

Design standards

These areas will be developed on the principles of mixed-use and urban form, creating active and engaging social hubs for residents and visitors.  Structured parking and high-rise buildings will allow maximum efficiency of the land, while also providing active, usable open space with plazas, fountains, public art, and linear greenspaces.


  • Attracting corporate headquarters and promoting economic development
  • High standards for mixed-use form, amenities, and open space
  • Providing amenities in early phases of development
Urban Activity Centers

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