FY2022-23 Community Investment Program

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The Community Investment Program (CIP) is a five-year guide to planning, building, operating, and maintaining capital projects.  The program includes a schedule of proposed municipal expenditures for new facilities and/or the renovation, reconstruction, or expansion of existing facilities and infrastructure.  Projects budgeted in the CIP are major capital investments to municipal buildings, streets, parks, drainage ways, and utilities.  

Projects are scheduled on an annual basis for a five-year period and funded from multiple sources, including the general fund, capital reserve fund, bonds, and other agencies. The first fiscal year of the plan is adopted annually as part of the city’s annual budget.  The remaining years within the CIP represent the framework for future planning and will be subject to annual review and modification across the following years.  Many CIP projects are multi-year in nature, with their design and construction frequently taking place over several fiscal years.  

The Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) is tasked with reviewing the CIP each year to ensure proposed projects align with the city’s Comprehensive Plan.  Strong linkage between the Comprehensive Plan and the CIP is critical to ensure city resources are effectively allocated to achieve the long-term vision and goals of the city.  While the CIP is ultimately a funding plan, the role of the Commission in this process is to review the relationship between the CIP and the Comprehensive Plan.  For the 2022-23 fiscal year, the P&Z found the CIP to be in alignment with the Comprehensive Plan at its meeting on August 1, 2022.

34 CIP projects evaluated, 100% plan alignment, 9 components supported, 26 policies supported

CIP Evaluation

  1. Overview
  2. Parks & Recreation
  3. Engineering & Public Works
  4. Facilities


As part of the P&Z’s CIP review and recommendation to City Council, proposed CIP projects are reviewed for alignment with the Comprehensive Plan 2021 based on the following criteria:


 Component Alignment

Each project was analyzed to determine what Components it will help to address. For this year’s review, any project that specifically addressed one or more component is considered aligned with the Comprehensive Plan 2021. 

 Policy Alignment 

Each Comprehensive Plan Component includes one or more specific policies, which are goals that will be taken to realize Plano's vision. Each project was reviewed to determine which plan policies have been supported.


Project Type  

Each CIP project is assigned a Project Type, identifying the degree or type of project improvement.  These types include:

  • Maintenance, repair, or minor replacement,
  • Major replacement or reconstruction,
  • New improvement or addition, and 
  • Policy or study.

Many projects in the first three categories may also include associated policies or studies to inform the overall project.

 Project Location  

Projects are categorized as either “citywide” or “specific location.”  Assigning locations provides an opportunity to visualize the geographic distribution of projects.


 Lead Department/Divisions 

A comparison of the total funding and number of projects is included to illustrate the distribution of projects across city departments and divisions.   

 Fund Category

A comparison of funding totals across CIP funding categories is included to illustrate the funding sources for this year’s CIP projects. 


The 2022-2023 CIP includes over 300 projects that align with at least one policy of the Comprehensive Plan 2021.  Overall, 26 of the Plan’s 42 Policies are addressed by the proposed 2022-2023 CIP.   Approximately 50% of the 2022-2023 CIP funding is allocated for maintenance, repair, or minor replacement projects, with an additional 30% going towards reconstruction or major replacement projects and 18% going towards new improvement or addition projects. General Obligation bonds fund over 50% of the funding for the projects, and almost 16% is funded by Capital Maintenance funds. Over 70% of CIP funding is going to Engineering & Public Works projects, with an additional 17% going towards Parks and Recreation projects, & 12% of CIP funding going towards Facilities projects.



Parks & Recreation85$59,000,243

Engineering & Public Works176$244,905,332


Total Projects & Funding314$321,216,847*
By Number of Project per Department/DivisionProjects by Department Number
by Funding per Department/DivisionProjects by Department Funding
Parks & Recreation

Engineering & Public Works
Park Improvements40
Street Improvements87
Facilities CIP13
Recreation Centers1
Municipal Drainage11
Municipal Facilities (CMF)40
Municipal Drainage8
Streets & Drainage (CMF)23

Park Fee Program4

Parks & Recreation (CMF)32

Total Projects85
Total Projects176
Total Projects53

CMF = Capital Maintenance Fund

CIP PRojects By Type and Funding

Project TypeNo.Funding

Maintenance/Repair/Minor Replacements206$159,951,384

Reconstruction/Major Replacements37$95,064,430

New Improvement/Addition53$58,331,033

Policy or Study18$7,870,000

Projects by Total NumberProjects by Type
Projects by FundingProjects by Funding


Funding SourceProjectsFunding

General Obligation141$197,254,271

Revenue Bond19$25,333,000

Park Fee Program4$3,875,066

Capital Maintenance Fund95$52,350,242

Water & Sewer Fund55$42,404,268

Total Projects & Funding314

CIP Projects by Funding Source

Projects by Funding Source

**P&Z review for Comprehensive Plan alignment does not include approximately $9m for Technology in proposed CIP.