There are several ongoing projects that have opportunities to provide your feedback.  Click the links below to find out more!


The Comprehensive Plan 2021 is web-based and interactive. The plan is designed to continuously engage with the public on the implementation and status of the Plan’s Policies and Actions. The plan is also a living document and will be updated to reflect the progress of the Plan’s objectives and the needs of the Plano community as the city and the region continue to evolve. 

There are several ways community members can continue to participate in shaping Plano's vision for the future:

Share your comments and questions. Send us your comments and questions by emailing us directly at You can additionally fill out the Comprehensive Plan 2021 Feedback Form to share any ideas, comments, or questions you have about the Plan's elements, such as the Vision and Guiding Principles, Pillars, and Maps.

Provide your input using the public feedback polls. Each component and policy page will have a feedback poll. Use the poll to indicate which policies are most important to you. 

Review the Comprehensive Plan Progress Page and Annual Report.  The Comprehensive Plan Progress page provides an overview of the Plan's implementation. Review the interactive dashboards on this page to learn about the progress and status of each Pillar's actions.  To measure the Plan's progress, an Annual Report will be published to provide a snapshot of the implementation outcomes. This report will be updated yearly to communicate implementation progress, promote plan implementation accountability, and anticipate future opportunities and challenges in the plan implementation process.

Sign up for the Comprehensive Plan Email List.  Sign up HERE to receive annual updates about the Plan's progress and stay informed on engagement opportunities. 

In addition to keeping up to date with the Comprehensive Plan, the Plano community is encouraged to review the following resources, which provide information about current and long-term planning initiatives and activities within the city.