Welcome to the draft comprehensive plan 2021!

After over a year and a half of discussions, the City of Plano Comprehensive Plan Review Committee (CPRC) and Planning & Zoning Commission (P&Z) invite you to review the DRAFT Comprehensive Plan 2021 and share your feedback.  Much of this new Plan may look familiar, as many aspects of the previous Comprehensive Plan remain largely unchanged, such as those related to the environment, social services, and the economy.  However, significant changes are proposed to many of the most impactful parts of the Plan and new content was created in areas related to Land Use, Density, Transportation, and Growth Management.  All recommendations from the CPRC and P&Z are included in this web-based, interactive Plan, which allows you to review major changes and browse related content.  

How to Participate

1. Review the Draft Plan

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2. Share Your Feedback

The Draft Comprehensive Plan 2021 survey was open from October 1 to October 18, 2021. Results of the survey will be provided to City Council and will be made available on the Draft Plan website.

Survey Results Coming Soon

3. Attend The Adoption Hearing

After the public outreach phase is complete, your feedback will be presented to the City Council. Adjustments to the Plan will be made, if necessary, and a public hearing will be held to formally adopt the Plan.  The public hearing will be open to the public and will have opportunities for public comment.

City Council Public Hearing Date: November 8, 2021