Safety & Services Component

Multiple city services increase quality of life for Plano citizens and preserve property values within the community. In many areas of the city, aging buildings have created property maintenance issues and reconstruction of older public facilities and infrastructure is required. Plano must proactively manage the transition to a mature community by maintaining and enhancing the city’s appearance for health, safety, and economic stability. 

Today, Plano’s public safety efforts are consistently recognized on national, state, and local levels. The city’s reputation as a safe and secure community is a result of a successful, cooperative relationship between Fire-Rescue, Police, 911/Public Safety Communications, and Emergency Management. Plano will enhance its present high-quality public safety initiatives to lower crime rates, sustain quality fire protection, and better prepare the public and city staff during emergencies.

Fire Parade GroupVolunteer ConstructionPlano Municipal Center

  1. Emergency Management
    Plano will evaluate and expand its emergency management initiatives and education to better prepare the public and city staff during emergencies.
  1. Public Safety
    Plano will enhance its present high quality public safety and public outreach initiatives to lower crime rates and sustain quality fire protection while providing greater services to the community.
  1. Property Standards
    Plano will educate the community on the importance of property maintenance and provide proactive inspections to improve the quality of life, enhance the city’s appearance and protect the health and safety of the community.
  1. Facilities & Infrastructure
    Plano will strategically plan and implement improvements to city facilities and infrastructure to ensure the necessary needs and services are provided to the community.