Numerous individuals provided knowledge, assistance, and insight throughout the process of developing the Comprehensive Plan 2021.  Significant contributions of the following are greatly appreciated:


Mayor John Muns
Mayor Pro Tem Kayci Prince
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Maria Tu
Council Member Rick Grady
Council Member Julie Holmer
Council Member Anthony Ricciardelli
Council Member Rick Smith
Council Member Shelby Williams
Former Mayor Harry LaRosiliere
Former Council Member Lily Bao

Planning &
Zoning Commission

M. Nathan Barbera, Chair
David Downs, 1st Vice Chair
Bob Gibbons, 2nd Vice Chair
Gary Cary
Rick Horne
Allan Samara
Arthur Stone
Gwen Walters

Comprehensive Plan
Review Committee

Doug Shockey, Chair
Mike Bronsky, Vice Chair
Jeff Beckley
Jaci Crawford
Jim Dillavou
Erin Dougherty
Carolyn Doyle
Xinyi Gong
Richard "Larry" Howe
Mary Jacobs
Hilton Kong
Salvator La Mastra
Michael Lin
Jijie "Jack" Liu
Yoram Solomon
Sara Wilson

City Management

Mark Israelson, City Manager
Jack Carr, Deputy City Manager
Greg Rushin, Deputy City Manager
Shelli Siemer, Deputy City Manager

project teaM


Christina Day, AICP, Director of Planning
Michelle D'Andrea, Deputy City Attorney
Michael Bell, AICP, Comprehensive Planning Manager
Christina Sebastian, AICP, Lead Planner
Drew Brawner, AICP, Sr. Mobility Planner
Reza Sardari, PhD, Sr. Planner
Kelsey Poole, AICP, Planner
Matt Purvis, Sr. Administrative Assistant


Dan Sefko, FAICP
Eddie Haas, AICP
Daniel Harrison, AICP
Eleana Tuley, AICP
Colton Wayman


Peter Braster, Director of Special Projects
Gerald Cosgrove, P.E., Director of Public Works
Sam Greif, Fire Chief
Shannah Hayley, FSMPS, CPSM, Director of Communications & Community Outreach
Lori Schwarz, AICP, Director of Neighborhood Services
Caleb Thornhill, P.E., Director of Engineering
Dan Prendergast, P.E., Assistant Director of Public Works
Eric Hill, AICP, Sr. Zoning & Development Manager
Melissa Peachey, Content Marketing Manager
Brian Shewski, P.E., PTOE, Transportation Manager
Linette Magana, Administrative Support Supervisor
Steve Sims, AICP, Lead Planner
Steve Andrews, Digital Producer
Al Carnley, Assistant Webmaster/Graphics