Suburban Activity Centers (SA)

The Suburban Activity Centers future land use category applies to areas with large commercial and mixed-use developments that serve the specialty shopping, dining, service, and entertainment needs at the intersections of high traffic corridors.   These areas are typically 50-100 acres in size and anchored by major retailers, superstores, large grocers, or theaters.  Hotels, office, and institutional uses are supportive uses in these centers.  When provided, residential uses should be incorporated within cohesively planned, mixed-use developments of moderate density and intensity.

Development Pattern

Suburban Activity Centers transition traditional commercial centers to destination shopping and entertainment areas with an integrated mix of uses and a highly walkable form and design.  Pad or strip retail sites line major streets while large retailers, hotels, or offices anchor the interior.  Low-to-mid rise residential uses located on minor street frontages support the shopping center.  These centers are based on concepts of urban design with pedestrian-friendly amenities such as street trees, on-street parking, and active open-spaces.

Residential ADJACENCY

As Suburban Activity Centers are often adjacent to established neighborhoods, development in these areas will provide a compatible transition in building height, scale, and intensity.

Park & Preston

The Suburban Activity Center at Park Boulevard and Preston Road is unique from other SA areas in that it is not in the vicinity of an expressway and is surrounded by Neighborhoods.  For this reason, the maximum density for this Center should be limited to 22 DUA within 400 feet of single-family zoning districts and 35 DUA elsewhere. 


  • Creating destination shopping and entertainment centers
  • Activated open space, quality building materials, and walkable streetscapes internal to the development
  • Thoughtfully and cohesively planned mix of uses
Suburban Activity Centers

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Mix of Uses

Suburban Activity Centers Land Use Mix

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Suburban Activity Centers Character Defining Elements
* Exception: SA located at Park Blvd. and Preston Rd. is limited to 22 DUA within 400 ft. of single-family zoning districts and 35 DUA elsewhere.

DUA = Dwelling Units per Acre
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