City departments have each taken ownership of various actions while identifying entities, such as other departments and private or nonprofit agencies, needed for implementation support. Departments provide annual updates on the implementation status of their assigned actions to the Planning Department. The interactive dashboards below reflect the progress made for each plan action within the last year and was last updated in May 2022.  

A Comprehensive Plan Annual Report is scheduled to be issued in early 2023. Click here to learn about the Annual Report and sign-up for the Comprehensive Plan email list. 

Review the tabs and tables to learn about the progress of each Pillar's actions. Information includes the prioritization for implementation, current status, timeframe for completion, and supplemental information about the progress of the actions. This table is interactive! Expand the table by clicking the diagonal arrows at the bottom right-hand side and filter and group data to refine your search.

  1. Built Environment
  2. Social Environment
  3. Natural Environment
  4. Economic Environment
  5. Regionalism

Built Environment

BUILT Environment

Plano is a vibrant city with attractive and walkable neighborhoods, distinct mixed-use urban centers with active nightlife, strong commercial corridors, and a multimodal transportation system that includes a variety of transit options.

Progress Dashboard:

 Review the table for a more detailed overview of the Built Environment's progress!


The City of Plano’s Planning Department annually publishes a report detailing the progress the City has made toward implementing the Comprehensive Plan. The intent of this annual report is to provide an opportunity for city leadership to:

  • Communicate implementation progress;
  • Promote plan implementation accountability; and  
  • Anticipate future opportunities and challenges in the plan implementation process.

The first Comprehensive Plan 2021 Annual Report will be published in early 2023.