Pedestrian Environment Policy

Plano will pursue a safe, universally accessible, and well-connected pedestrian system that enhances walkability, improves navigation of major thoroughfares, and provides connections to nearby destinations desired by the community.

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Develop strategies and identify priorities within the city’s transportation plan to create a safe and accessible pedestrian network that enhances walkability in Plano.
In Progress
Update development standards to prioritize streetscape design that enhances Plano’s pedestrian environment through greenery, wider sidewalks, lighting, street furniture, shade structures, wayfinding guides, paseos, and other amenities where appropriate.
In Progress
Improve safety in highly-trafficked pedestrian areas by evaluating and implementing effective traffic calming methodologies to reduce traffic speeds and improve pedestrian safety, such as median islands, landscaping, crosswalks, and on-street parking.

In Progress

Improve the safety of intersections of major roadways by evaluating and implementing effective strategies for pedestrian-oriented enhancements.
In Progress
Improve pedestrian safety and convenience by completing sidewalk gaps along the city’s roadway system. Include prioritization strategies when developing and updating the city’s transportation plan.
In Progress
Partner with local school districts and other educational institutions to annually provide Safe Routes to School maps.
In Progress
Partner with educational institutions, businesses, and other stakeholders to develop public service announcements that promote pedestrian safety, awareness, and education.
Recurring and On Track

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