Public Transit Policy

Plano will provide access to a convenient transit network focused on increasing and improving travel options and direct connections to major local destinations.

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Share information about Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) services offered in Plano to city residents and workers.
In Progress
Develop metrics to measure ridership and to identify service enhancements.
Recurring and On Track
Increase the number of public transit options in Plano by working with DART to enhance service provision where needed and desired.
Recurring and On Track
Partner with DART to study the feasibility and identify the required infrastructure and routes for a Bus Rapid Transit program.
In Progress
Work with DART and businesses near transit stops to protect public transit users from weather and vehicular traffic.
In Progress
Investigate feasibility of partnerships regarding the provision of short hop services, including streetcars, self-driving shuttles, or alternatives providing the same benefits, within major destination areas in Plano.
In Progress

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