Regional Transportation Policy

Plano will evaluate regional transportation initiatives with consideration of the impacts on existing residential and business development and emphasis on expanding transportation options, traffic demand management, and other traffic efficiency strategies to improve regional mobility.

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Create criteria to evaluate regional transportation projects to determine the impact upon the city and develop solutions to mitigate negative effects.
Complete all proposed bicycle trail connections with neighboring cities as identified on the City’s adopted plans.
Recurring and On Track
Advocate with Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) member cities for a financially equitable means for nonmember cities to enter service agreements that benefit the overall transportation system.
In Progress
Annually review city and regional transportation plans to identify any inconsistencies between the plans. Where inconsistencies are noted, advocate for changes that balance the safety, needs, and priorities of the traveling public with deference to Plano residents, businesses, and institutions.
Share opportunities for citizen input on proposed regional transportation projects and priorities being funded by county and regional governments.
Recurring and On Track

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