Stormwater Management Policy

Plano will improve water quality by requiring design and use of erosion control plans and stormwater pollution prevention plans to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, minimize pollution and contamination of water ways, and enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems.

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Implement the goals and objectives of Plano’s Stormwater Management Plan, which is updated every five years.
In Progress
Provide annual reports of Plano's stormwater management program to the regulating authorities.
In Progress
Expand city regulations for post construction stormwater management in new developments and redevelopments by a combination of structural and nonstructural Best Management Practices (BMPs) appropriate for the community.
Recurring and On Track
Develop and provide training opportunities for local developers, property owners, consultants, and city staff on how to design, construct, inspect, and maintain permanent stormwater structural Best Management Practices (BMPs).
In Progress
Create a stormwater demonstration program for select neighborhoods, districts, or on city property to show the proper installation of structural Best Management Practices (BMPs) for streets and parking lots.
Create a stormwater volunteer program to engage residents in cleaning and testing in efforts to improve water quality of creeks.
In Progress
Educate residents and businesses on the benefits of sustainable building practices in helping absorb excess run-off. 
In Progress

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