Social Services Policy

Plano will partner with private enterprises, nonprofit organizations, Collin County, Plano Independent School District, and other entities to provide adequate support to underserved populations within the community.

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Implement the goals in the Consolidated Plan and update every five years in accordance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements.
Recurring and On Track
Participate in the annual Collin County Homeless Coalition’s homeless count.
Recurring and On Track
Seek funding through partnerships and grants to provide health, human care, and shelter accommodations that meet the objectives stated in the Consolidated Plan.
In Progress
Assist local partners in expanding access to health care services for underserved populations.
In Progress
Develop a plan to identify underserved populations and barriers to participation in parks and recreation programs, and offer inclusionary support strategies to address the barriers.
In Progress
Work with regional partners to implement strategies that address food insecurity, equity, and waste.
In Progress

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