Parks & Recreation Policy

Plano will develop and maintain a comprehensive system of park, trail, recreational, fitness, and sports facilities and programs that keeps pace with the city’s changing demographics, creates multiuse destinations, and improves the health, wellness, and morale of the citizens.

Baseball StrikeWindhaven Meadows PlaygroundStimpson-Drake Park

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Implement the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and update the plan every five years.
In Progress
Develop and maintain a comprehensive program of parks and recreation facilities, based on the park classification system and master plan, that includes current facilities and approximate locations for future facilities.
In Progress
Improve efficiency and cost effectiveness of providing certain programs and facilities through privatization, public/private partnerships, and joint operations with other public entities.
In Progress
As part of a transportation plan (RS1), explore strategic connections between the city's trail network and other multimodal facilities to create interconnectivity of neighborhoods, commercial areas, and other places of interest where feasible.
Acquire remaining properties to complete the trail system within Plano and link with systems in surrounding communities.
In Progress
Identify and prioritize projects required to complete the park system for inclusion in Community Investment Program (CIP) fiscal year budget and future bond elections.
In Progress
Examine the impact of changing demographics and recreational needs on parks, facilities, and programming through research of trends and gathering public feedback.
Recurring and On Track

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