maximum development scenarios - ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES

During the CPRC’s review of the Comprehensive Plan, several conceptual scenarios were prepared to illustrate the effectiveness of the Existing Land Use & Housing Inventory and Future Land Use Dashboards at managing density and guiding new housing growth into strategic areas. The areas in the map below represent areas where rezonings that include new multifamily units could be considered appropriate based on these scenarios. Because Plano has limited undeveloped land remaining and there is presently a significant inventory of multifamily units in the city, many areas of the city are already above the recommended mix of uses in the Future Land Use Dashboards. When creating the maximum development scenarios, the following rules and assumptions were applied: 


  • Housing will not exceed the maximum percentage shown in the Land Use Mix. 
  • Housing must comply with the maximum percentages in the Housing Mix. 
  • Housing must comply with the maximum densities listed in the Desirable Character-Defining Elements. 


  • To maximize density, an area’s housing mix will attempt to utilize the maximum percentage of Multifamily Types, followed by Attached SF Types, then Detached SF Types. 
  • Where the densities for Attached and Detached SF Types are the same, the units may be constructed as either Type. 
  • For every acre of Detached SF or Attached SF development, one acre of land will be utilized for streets and open space. 
  • Existing housing will remain as-is. 
  • Undeveloped properties are classified by the zoning of the property. 
  • Recent zoning approvals are factored as existing development and will be constructed in accordance with the most recently approved plans. 

DISCLAIMER: The Executive Summary, including the Maximum Development Scenarios section and associated maps, is for illustrative purposes only. The Maximum Development Scenarios’ associated maps are created to provide examples of how the Plano Comprehensive Plan 2021 functions, and they should be used to understand the methodology that will be used to analyze development applications, but they are not an analysis of any particular request for a zoning change. The language in the Executive Summary should not be used when evaluating a zoning application’s compliance with the Comprehensive Plan. 

Scenario Results

Scenario Results Map

Rezoning for New Multifamily Might be Supported

LabelAreaNew/Additional MF Units
AUA at Legacy
SA at Willow Bend
DEX on US 75
EEnvision Oak Point
Per EOP Plan
FSA at 15th & Alma
GDowntown Corridors (DT)
*not including Neighborhoods within DT


Rezoning for New Multifamily Is Not Supported

LabelAreaNew/Additional MF Units
HSA at Preston & 121
ISA at Park & Preston
JSA at Mapleshade & Coit
KUA at Collin Creek & Heritage Creekside
LSA at Gateway


Maximum development scenarios 

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  • Area A - Legacy
  • Area B - Dallas North Tollway Expressway Corridor
  • Area C - Willow Bend Mall Area
  • Area D - US 75 Expressway Corridor
  • Area E - Oak Point
  • Area F - 15th & Alma
  • Area G - Downtown Corridor
  • Area H - Preston & 121
  • Area I - Park & Preston
  • Area J - Coit & Mapleshade
  • Area K - Collin Creek & Heritage Creekside
  • Area L - Gateway Plano